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Lyda Mclallen has been helping authors build up their readership, become bestsellers, and increase profits for over 8 years.

Lyda Mclallen Founder of Talk+Tell

Have you ever asked yourself...  

  • Why are readers not buying my book?  
  • Where do I start in promoting my book?  
  • How do I build an author platform?  
  • What marketing tactics will get me the best results?  
  • How do I make my book stand out ?  

Or maybe you're tried a few marketing campaigns, but you're not seeing the results you've hoped for. Do you feel like...  

  • your efforts have plateaued?
  • you're not sure what to do? or how?
  • you don't understand why your readership isn't growing?  

In this FREE Author Marketing Guidebook, you'll learn how to crack the book marketing code so that you can start getting results and profits 

Authors who implemenet marketing campaigns the right way have a huge advantage over authors who don't.  

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